Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alpine Loop

 Last weekend we decided to take a drive around the Alpine Loop.  We were probably a couple weeks too late to see all the colors, but there was still some really pretty trees.  We drove up a really long, bumpy dirt road to get to this lake, and it wasn't as pretty as I was hoping.  Oh well. 

I liked this spot.  I thought it was kind of neat.

 I didn't tell Ethan to pose here or anything, he's just this cute.

This reservoir was so pretty and blue, but I couldn't really capture it on camera.

This was my favorite spot.  It was so gorgeous!

And here's two pretty things.  Nature, and my beautiful daughter.

I have dirt on my face!  I love being with my man, though.

Just one more.  I love looking at it, and I love my family.  I'm so blessed!  Thank you God for this beautiful life!

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