Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday was a fantastic day.  I love weekends, and Sunday is a huge part of that.  But yesterday just seemed like an extra great Sunday.  Church was wonderful, as usual, and we are really enjoying going to the Daybreak campus.  It's smaller than Draper, so it's easier to get to know people, and they're great people! :)

Just after church we attended small group.  It was our second week with this particular group, and if our boys would learn what is and isn't appropriate when at someone else's house, it'd be great.  There's a good mix of people there.  It's nice that we get to take all of our kids--Kaitlyn and three other girls her age (which is awesome that there's that many) watch the younger kids while the adults do small group.

Kaitlyn had fun at a tea party with the high school girls from church, while they talked about activities they'll do in the coming year.  She also wants to be a debutante, she says.

Then we went to the vision dessert for church, which they do once a year.  This year prior to the service, they did a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new Draper church, which is exciting.  We didn't go to that, just went straight to the vision dessert.  It seriously did my heart good.  My favorite part was the music, because there's really nothing like it.  Singing in a church building is just not the same as being outside with a few hundred other believers worshiping God.  And when I picked up my little Ethan at the end, and he did his best to sing along, my heart just about burst.  This is joy.

Imagine hundreds of voices singing this song:

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