Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dinosaur Park

This is the last blog post of the day, I promise. And then you probably won't hear from me again for a few months. That's how I roll.

Today we went with Geoff, Felicia, their boys, and Danay to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. I can't remember if I've ever been there, but if I had, it's been a long time. The kids really loved it. Too bad it's so far away. There are a ton of pictures here. I just liked them all too much.

Here are my very dangerous children. I think the sign in baby colors really adds to the element of danger.
The boys played in the dirt here for awhile. Allston was so funny--he was holding a paintbrush in one hand, and clearing the dirt off the stuff with his other.Thank goodness for Geoff. Who else could I get to break the rules so I can get fun pictures.
Although I guess breaking the rules wasn't that scary, since Kaitlyn is holding this dinosaurs hand (you weren't supposed to go off the path, but come on, how fun is that?).
Felicia is good for fun pictures too. I sure love these guys!
I thought this dinosaur was kind of cool looking.
Kaitlyn looks as tall as Geoff here.

Here's a group picture. We should have had someone take it, so we could have gotten everybody, instead of having the men take the pictures. It's impossible to get everybody looking at the camera. This is the best we can do.
They were supposed to be looking scared here. I'm not sure if I believe it.
This bear . . . there are just no words.
I love this one of all the kids (except Jake). It's one of my favorites of the day.
Here's Kevin with his favorite dinosaur.
The bones of this dinosaur look really cool. But when we saw the "real thing" outside, we really really disappointed. It could never have picked Geoff's nose.
Wooly rhino. Has anyone ever heard of one? I never had before today.

You can never accuse any of us of being normal, that's for sure.


  1. In the last picture I was being normal :) We had such a good time, I love that our kids are around the same age too it makes doing things together even more fun!

  2. I love Kaitlyn's expression in the top shot - awesome! All the photos were fun to see and that is a fun park to visit.

    You mustn't stop blogging now - you're on a roll!