Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kevin getting his yellow belt

Kevin got his yellow belt earlier today. Here are a few pictures and videos, although our camera is crap and so none of the pictures are great.

Here's Kevin with Hanshi Darren Cox (his teacher):

Here's Kevin doing the star block kata:

His teacher signing his board. He signed it "awsome!" And the yellow belt is huge on Kevin, but it's the smallest one they have.

Kevin waiting to test. What's most surprising here is that he's not wiggling around. It seems he's either wiggling or off in another world.

Here's Kevin doing all the self-defense moves. I'm so mad that I turned the video off when I did because his teacher said something about how laughing when you're fighting someone makes you look crazy, and then went on to do a demonstration that was hilarious.

Kevin breaking a board. I didn't know Troy had already turned the video on when he handed it to me.


  1. So cool!! Way to go, Kevin! Your yellow belted aunt is very proud of you, and also sure that you'll pass her up in belts very soon. :)

  2. Way to go Kevin! He did so good.

  3. Zoe and I are watching this over and over again and she is grinning from ear to ear at Kevin. I think she has added him to her "potential husband candidates" for the future since he can break a board in half, as she thought that was really cool!