Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kids Safety Fair & Book Blogger Social

Last Saturday we took the kids to the kids safety fair.  It really wasn't that great, but I guess the kids liked it okay.  The highlight was that the boys got to meet Batman, and you wouldn't believe how excited they were about that, especially Ethan.  After they talked to him for a minute, Ethan just stood there staring up at Batman.  He was quite starstruck, and didn't want to leave. 

Then on Saturday night Troy and I went to a book blogger social, and I figured out that I'm not social.  Just kidding.  I already knew I wasn't.  I just don't like to talk to strangers, even if I've had interactions with them online.  Maybe I'll go to the next one.  We'll see if I'm feeling more social by then.  So anyway, here's a picture someone took of me, sitting next to the husband of an author that came.  This guy was fun.  Also, I flicked some cottage cheese on his sleeve.  It was one of those fantastic awkward moments.


  1. Well, whether you felt comfortable or not, you looked really cute! Do people believe you when you explain where you got your bruises? I can see them from here! ;)

    Holy Batman, that's cool! I bet your boys were in heaven.

  2. Nobody really asks where I get my bruises. Maybe they're afraid to.

  3. Brenda, I can hear your voice as I read this, and I am smiling... almost even more so than that guy in the pic with you!

    I bet you had fun, especially with your love of reading. I had that love once, but alas, it has faded away a bit. Need to find it again!