Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Pet

I'm really not a pet person. Anything that doesn't poop in a toilet, I've generally tried to stay away from. But for something to do, I took the kids to Petco yesterday. We looked at the lizards, and I fell in love. They're just so darn cute. They also seemed cheap. $7.99 for a lizard didn't seem too bad at all. It's only after we've paid over $100 for the housing, food (crickets), housing for the food (we didn't even buy the food for the food), that I realized a lizard is not a cheap pet at all.

These pictures are kind of backwards (because I'm adding a couple later, so they're on top). We bought a bahama anole lizard, and we named him Loki. Here is the finished product:
And a close up:
Here he is pretty close after we first put him in. He was nearly black. Here's another picture of him hiding inside the log that I ended up returning, because logs make sap, and sap isn't good. He's still pretty dark. (If you click on the pictures, you can see him better)

Here's a picture of him later, in between when I was changing the scenery in his home. He's quite a bit lighter here, and it's not the lighting either. He changes color depending on his mood.


  1. I think he is a super cute pet. Lizards are fun!

  2. Oh, I guess congrats on a new pet! ;) You are a good sport to buy it for your kids. I do think it is pretty cool that he changes colors though!

    And you Easter pics are cute. I love family egg hunts. Much funner that the big city ones!

  3. Ummm... you are a nice mom! :)

  4. I love lizards - very cool pet!

    I wish I could change my color dependant on my mood... a nice summer tan tone would be lovely!