Monday, August 27, 2007

Ethan's First Birthday

Ethan just had his first birthday. I can't believe how fast this year flew by. I'm gonna be an old woman before I know it. We had a nice little party for him, with family from both sides coming for some yummy ice cream cake.
He really wasn't too interested in blowing out the candle. I think that might have had something to do with the fact that he doesn't know how to blow. He was trying to be macho and make the candle go out with his hand, but his dad had to ruin it for him.

Here is where the cake eating began. Very innocent. Very little mess. Just takin it easy with the cake.

This is the look of a boy who is guilty of no wrongdoing. He's doing what every one year old should do on their birthday, which is make a mess with the cake. But see the fork? We are nothing if not civilized in this household.

Ethan was having none of the present opening. It was almost a form of torture for him, and if I would have just let him go, he could have gotten onto something he actually wanted to do. Unfortunately, I didn't know what that was, so I was very little help.

And finally, we come to the picture that belongs in the album of every child's first birthday party. The boob shot. It's nice to know that after 8 years, Troy still appreciates me.

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  1. Finally! I thought you'd never post anything new! I love the pics of Ethan. and your boobs.